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>>Water filling machinery  
    >>  CGF Wash-filling-capping water filling machine
    >>  3-5 Gallon drinking water plant
    >>  Capping machine
>>Carbonated beverage machine 
    >>  DCGF Carbonated beverage filling machine
    >>  CO2 Carbonation Machine
    >>  DCGF Carbonated beverage filling machine
    >>  Beverage Mixer CO2 Mixer
    >>  Carbonated soft drink
>>Juice & Tea Drink Filling Machine 
    >>  RCGF Juice & Tea Drink Filling Machine
    >>  RCGGF juice with grainy 4-in-1 filling machine
    >>  Pulp juice filling machine
>>Glass bottle filling machine  
    >>  BRGF Glass Bottle Filling Machine
    >>  BGY Beer Filling Machine
    >>  Glass Bottle Washing Machine
    >>  Bottle Loading & Unloading Machine
    >>  Bottle washer
>>Viscous Liquid Filling Line 
    >>  Viscous Liquid Filling Machine
    >>  Linear Piston Filler
    >>  Oil Filling Machine
>>Easy Open Can Filling Machine 
    >>  DGFY Pop Can Filling Machine
    >>  Pop Can Filling Machine
    >>  Cup filling machine
>>Water Filtration System 
    >>  RO system 1-20T
    >>  UF system 1-20T
>>Labeling & Packing Equipment 
    >>  Sleeve Labeling Machine
    >>  Steam Shrinking Tunnel
    >>  Steam Generator
    >>  Self-adhesive labeling machine
    >>  Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine
    >>  Wrap Shrink Packing Machine
    >>  Code Printer
    >>  Auto Shrink Packager
>>Other Beverage Machine 
>>Fitting of Beverage Equipment 
    >>  CIP Cleaning System
    >>  Bottle Soaking Machine
>>Capping Machine 
    >>  Aluminium Cap Sealing Machine
    >>  FXZ Series Capping Machine
    >>  YG-6A Model Automatic Capper
    >>  FBZ Easy Open Can Seaming Machine

zhangjiagang worldsun machinery Co.,ltd  was established in 1994, It's a professional manufacturer of liquid food and beverage equipment. They have good experience especially in filling and capping technology.and they provide customized service and turnkey project.They have 300+ users in and out of China, and now 30% order from regular customer. The products scope as below: PET bottle filling machine,Glass bottle filling machine,Capping machine,Bottle washing machine,Water treatment,Oil filling machine/piston filler,Other bottle filling machine,Labeling machine, wrap packing machine,bottle unscrambler,and some drinks production line auxiliary.

1. We are a real manufacturer, and the factory established in 1994, we have been engaged in development and manufacturing of beverages and liquid food filling machines, Plant area of 5000m2, with independent property rights.

Now days, people like to search business information from internet, but most of the information on the Internet is not true, many supplier masquerade as the manufacturers, but customers can not identify, that is why so many foreign buyers experienced bad dealing in China.

2. We are a experienced manufacturer,in the past 16 years, we focused on the domestic market sales and service,we have accumulated considerable experience, according to the customers' product features and budget, we can provide variety solutions for them.
3. Our machine is reliable and cost-effective: in the local market, customer requirements good quality, reasonable price and good reputation; As we engaged in domestic service long, in the past we got a lot of customers' feedback about the quality and technology problem, which allows us to improve the technology, so that products is mature now.

4. Reputation for excellence: In China,the average life of companies only 3 years, many new companies formed each year, and so many companies die; our company have independent property rights of plant and office area 5000m2,and more than 300 customers, and now 50% orders from regular customers.Therefore, we will not suddenly disappear in the future;Further we will grow together with our customers bigger and bigger.

Before sales:
the buyer must cooperate with us with patience, and provide us all needed informations, these information is very important, because the final solution based on these informations.

During build:
we will update the manufacturing process and status to buyers, and we will invite buyer come to test the machine when it finished in our factory, if the buyer think it is ok, we will arrange shipping; or we can take the testing video and send to buyer, the purpose is that the buyer?can inspect the machine but without travelling.

After sales:
We will send technicians to buys factory for installation, commissioning, and operator training; Our warranty period is 12 months, in this period, we provide free parts for buyer as well as the necessary technical support.Out of warranty period, we offer free technical support, and the cost price of spare parts

LeYu Economic Development Zone Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu, China
Tel: 86-512-58189909
M.P.: 86-018914919909
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